11 1/2 Chartruese Numbers
11 1/2 " Number
Pack of 12
11 1/2 Blue and Yellow
11 1/2 Red and Yellow
Each number is sold in a pack of 12
Each number is sold in a
pack of 12 ($6.95)
example=(12 )1's, (12) 2's ect.
Each Pack is a pack of 12 of the same number.
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11 1/2
A larger version of The ORIGINAL 3-D shaded
design, adhesive windshield number. An
inexpensive yet highly effective sales tool to
advertise a year model or price. Sold by the
dozen {12 per pack}. Size: 11 1/2" tall x 7" wide.
Neatly shrink wrapped in packs of a dozen with a
chipboard backer to prevent curling during
storage. Made of durable, waterproof vinyl,
these bright numbers demand attention! Each
number is slit on the back for easy application.
Removable adhesive allows easy, clean removal