bag of 10 balloons
36" Round LOT BUSTER Tuf-Tex
36 inch Balloons
ASSORTED MIX bags red white blue yellow green orange
36" tuf-tex balloons, lot buster, weekender TUF-TEX® Jumbo balloons in 24″,
36″, 60″ and 72″, are sure to be seen at any outdoor event or promotion, and
make a big splash at large indoor events as well. In a wide variety of exciting
vibrant colors, and the highest quality you have come to expect from TUF-TEX®,
our Jumbo balloons can’t be beat!
TUF-TEX® 36″ Lot Buster, with a float
time of 3-5 days, gives you maximum
impact and visibility.  
TUF-TEX® 36″ is packaged in 10 count
bags, and also available in bulk
quantities. Gain a competitive edge for
your promotion or special event with the
TUF-TEX® 36″ Lot Buster today!