As President and CEO of Samco Wholesale Sales Inc. I
wanted to honor my God and Lord & Savior  Jesus Christ,
with this page on our site.

Through circumstances that only can be explained as
supernatural , my wife and I were led to purchase this
company in 1991 . Since then we have gone through many
experiences that have contributed to the success of this
company that when looked back on could have only
happened through the works of God. Some would say it was
luck or happenstance , but I give credit to God.

In 1998 our home and business were destroyed by an
accident involving a  malfunctioning valve on a propane
delivery truck in which everything we owned was destroyed ,
my wife, myself and my kids were unharmed.  Through his
(Gods) guidance , mercy and strength we were able to
rebuild this company and continue to service our customers.

I can't say enough about the love of our Heavenly Father ,
and thank him daily for the success of Samco Wholesale
Sales Inc.

                                Mark Lewis