Vertical 3 'x  8'
Patriot Flags
US Style Flags
Patriot Flags Price
$58.00 ea
Patriot Flags in stock
ready to ship
US Drape Flag
Double Sided US Flag $69.00 ea
Vertical 32"x  8'
Bracket Style or Drape Syle
Double Sided
Quality Nylon
U S Drape Flag Price
$54.00 ea
Usually it takes
two days for
flags to ship. On
small orders less
than 5 flags,
allow up to 5
days before
order ships.
Vertical 3 'x  5'
Bracket Style
Double Sided
Heavy Duty Heading & Grommets and
cable ties included
Poles &
Brackets not
Poles & Brackets
not Included
Poles not Included
Quality Nylon
Quality Nylon
Patriot flags 3x8 nylon flags
Vertical 3 'x  8'