Sno-rake  The original Sno-removal tool
Sno-rake with 4'  wood  handle
Sno-rake with Wood Handle
4' wood handle with metal tip
18" patented non abrasive
head made of solid
polyethylene foam around a
hard wood core.
48" hardwood handle with
metal threads
Used by thousands of car dealers for commercial use over the past 25 years
18" non abrasive head
For Replacement Head only click on picture
Our #105 is the 18" Heavy-Duty rake with a 4' foot, metal tipped wood handle. Recommended for small to large sized vehicles.      

The patented Orange Polyurethane Foam is specially manufactured only for SNO-RAKE.  It is the most durable material on the market
that will not scratch any surface of a vehicles or even the surface of a Solar Panel!  The foam is coated over a solid OAK threaded Core
that screws into a metal threaded tip, wood handle.  Ensuring it will stand up to the heavy weight of snow for years to come.  All other
Knock-off rakes on the market use cheap, hollow, threaded plastic cores covered in simple Styrofoam.  Their rake heads are attached
with a handle that has a plastic tip, making it prone to stripping only after a few uses, let alone the entire snow season.
Two Sno-rakes with Wooden Handles
Six Sno-rakes with Wooden Handles
12 Sno-rakes with Wooden Handles
low as 23.95 ea (12 rakes)