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Thermax DV12
Thermax CP5
Thermax CP3
Thermax AF-1
31-178-000 Solution Pump
Thermax AF1 Dome Lid
24-005-01 Thermax DV12 Dome
02-503-00 Dv12 Pump Switch
Com1560 Hand Wand
29-771-00 Floor Wand
35-255-05 Hand Wand
DV12 & CP5
Samco Wholsale Sales carries a complete line of Thermax Carpet Cleaners, The line of Thermax Carpet cleaners begins with the
Thermax DV-12 , Thermax CP-5 and the Thermax CP3. We also Sell parts for the Thermax Home Models including the Thermax
AF, Thermax AF-1 and the Thermax AF-2. Check out our parts breakdown on all Thermax models for easy parts ordering.
We also sell the Thermax DV-12, CP5, and CP3 units and all the cleaning attachments.
20-151-00 Solution Hose
Thermax CP3 Solution Hose
Solution Hoses
DV-12 & CP5