VaporBlast Steamer
The VaporBlast Steamer comes
complete with all the attachments
necessary to conduct a full interior
vehicle restoration.  This powerful
unit features a closed system
boiler to deliver a consistent
powerful blast of steam.  Using
steam offers an effective way to
clean, deodorize and sterilize
interiors.  Pair steam with the P&S
Double Black Interior System and
take your interior cleaning to a
level not achievable previously.
VC5000 VaporBlast Steamer
Unit Specifications:

• Power supply: 110 V-12 V at handle
• Power: 1450 W
• Boiler capacity: 4.9 liters
• Vapor pressure: 72 P.S.I. max
• Vapor regulator: 0-72 P.S.I.
• Boiler temperature: 311º F
• Boiler material: 304 Stainless Steel
• Machine housing: Enamel Coated
• Boiler shape: cylindrical/spherical
• Unit Weight: 21 lbs.(Empty)
• Wiring: 12 & 14 gauge
• Hose/handle: Mono block
VC5010 VaporBlast Cart (optional)
Each unit includes a P&S
Double Black Interior System
starter pint kit of Terminator,
Carpet Bomber & Finisher
along with a Renny’s
“Mastering Steamers in
Detailing” DVD.
Vaporblast Steamer
Vaporblast Steamer Cart